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Rooted in Stone

St. Andrews Kirk EPC, Nassau, Bahamas, Established 1810.

St. Andrews Kirk EPC, Nassau, Bahamas, Established 1810.

Saturday morning, I stood in a 203 year old church in Nassau, the capitol city of The Islands of the Bahamas. Along the walls of the historic building are stone memorials commemorating past ministers, members, and city leaders who poured their lives into this church. It’s a startling remembrance that the church of Christ is strong, far-reaching, and rooted.

In January, CityChurch Wilton Manors officially launched public, weekly worship. The journey began as far back as 2011 when we began gathering a launch team. In the last year and half, we have seen many wonderful faces come to be a part of what God is building here in Wilton Manors, with a number of them signing on to commit themselves to helping this new church begin.

Standing in a church born one year after the birth of Abraham Lincoln, I shared with my fellow colleagues about the work God is doing in Wilton Manors. As I spoke, I noticed the stone memorials and their permanence even more, and yet I thought about the “living stones” God has brought together in Wilton Manors. Our church is only a little over a year old. As stones we are green and new. But, our center, our cornerstone, is the same rock that holds together the majestic walls of St. Andrews Kirk and its people. Jesus’ Church, is built upon himself. It’s roots produce fruit of faith, hope, and love, reaching into new parts of God’s earth advancing the kingdom of God.

Two churches. Separated by ocean and time, share the benefits of being built by the master architect and builder. Jesus himself.

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